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this is Didi

2014 caroling availability chart

i want to be a fire engine if i grow up...or else a tapir

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2:19, alvin & the chipmunks, asl, bird machine, biting people, burgling, caroling, celtic religion, climbing on scripps rooves, collecting trees, costco cards!, curley, dreaming vividly, elaborate secret codes, fan of ann club, feeling for qi, five-petaled scarlet flowers, g.a.m.e., garfield intergalactic high school, grammar and punctuation, greens, hoofed animals, instant runoff voting, jennifer leader, laddie, laughing at knives, lilo & stitch!!!, listening quietly, lussekatter, making complicated chocolate desserts, marine mammal intelligence, marshmallow cereal, mbti, milk carton derby, my daisy's my sweaters, my unconscious's spontaneous symphonies, newford stories, obscure slang, onomastics, opera zones, other people's stories, peace demos, pi'tures in my head, pidgin, playing corners, plotting deviously, pretending to be awake, remembering to eat, scripps ghosts, secrets, set, small children, special diets for autism, star-wishes, stealing keys!, stealing other people's food, sugar cubes, talking story, the cow who walked, the milk game, the thieving magpies, the u bookstore, tuesday night snack, twelve-tone matrices, twins, ultrasuperghost-q, uw school of sw, voices in my head, white and coffee rabbits,